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Activities and Achievement

Community feeding program for the orphans and vulnerable. In 2018, we provided hot meals a day to 100children. In 2019, they reported their health is good and they can not miss school. In 2020, the number increased to over 200 since supervision of in-person classroom and closure of schools due to COVID-19. We have shifted our focus now providing groceries to our families who need them most.

Promoting children education and literacy sessions in the slums.

Promoting education in our community schools

Learning lessons in community school

The community youthful volunteers discussing on how to strengthen support for orphans and vulnerable and increase community participation. In 2019, we trained 300 community delivery teams from various village clusters for support of orphans and vulnerable in the community for 3 months. In 2020, the youth were involved in the dissemination of HIV/AIDS information to over 500 villages and about 300 posters were distributed to the community. We had 100 HIV/AIDS victims reporting now the stigma is over and freely adheres to medication. 85 out of the total, reports their health has improved and the home based care they received, make them feel a sense of belonging. They are ready to continue with their daily chores.

Engaging women affected by Covid-19 in sustainable food security programs

Empowering the widows and community women to get skills for social development in the community. This narrative is addressing the challenge of unemployment in the community. Some of the women involved have also been able to go through Gender-Based Violence. In 2018, we had 20 women trained in sewing. In 2019, we had 15 out of the total now owning tailoring shops. They make clothes and repairs and earn some money that boost their livelihood. In 2020, we had 5 who were gender-based violated, reported that, they have gone back to their marriage, united, living happily and supplementing for family livelihood.

Promoting women empowerment through community based table banking concepts as a revolutionary model for success. The concept is very popular with women in the Rural and Urban slums in Nairobi. In 2018, we had 70 women who had enrolled and reports that, they borrow money at a low interest and can afford to pay school fees for their secondary school children. In 2019, we had 150 women involved in community friendly table banking and ALL reports having started small businesses like, selling vegetables, grains, second hand cloths and normal shop.

Gender Awareness and development in our community conducted by our social worker

Covid-19 awareness in our community

Covid-19 prevention in the community

The organization is also reaching at the prospective orphans in the Rural area to prevent them from coming to the city and getting into drugs abuse. Most of the times they are isolated and land taken away from them by the relatives who don’t care. So far 10 families have been secured and now living peacefully.

Organization’s COVID-19 Response program by giving out food to the affected vulnerable families. These are our Covid-19 food project in the community in Nairobi and still going on.

Community orphans being trained by the organization on health and life skills for sustainable development. 200 have been trained and skilled.

Community empowerment and HIV/AIDs education in the community